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  1. This service is only available to customers with an established account. Items sent for repair from entities without an open account will be returned unopened, postage due.
  2. Global Technical Systems, Inc. is not responsible for loss or damage or equipment while in the care, custody or control of others (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx, 3rd part repair outlets, etc..).
  3. Additional trouble shooting charges may apply for equipment sent without supporting information.
  4. Global Technical Systems, Inc. is not responsible for equipment sent for repair without complete information submitted online and properly marked with your ticket number.

Include the following information when submitting a ticket:

Contact email:
Contact phone number:

Is the contact the party that should be contacted with questions regarding the equipment needing repaired?

Does this repair require a Purchase Order number? If yes, please provide.

If submitting more than one item for repair, please complete a ticket for each item being submitted. Items can be shipped together, but please mark the package with each unique number.

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