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Mass Notification

For over 20 years, GTSI has provided outdoor warning, indoor warning and mass notification solutions to communities & industry.  We provide reliable and effective solutions that will meet your budget.

Outdoor warning and mass notification systems remains the quickest, most effective way for warning the public of man-made or natural events such as tornado, flash flood, severe weather, campus safety issue or chemical release.  The most effective way for warning the public is to issue a tone and follow it with clear, intelligible voice instructions.  WHELEN’s three step approach, A.I.D.™ …ALERT, INFORM & DIRECT will eliminate confusion, restore order and, most importantly, save lives.

GTSI is one of the largest Master Distributors of WHELEN Warning Products in the United States.  Design, sales, installation and service of systems of one siren, indoor/outdoor applications to systems with hundreds of sirens – all within our ability.

WHELEN Engineering manufacturers premiere warning equipment.  For more information go to the WHELEN site.

WEPlan™ is the only online mass notification system planner that allows you, the customer, to design your own Whelen Mass Notification System.

For comprehensive control of siren systems, integration and automatic activation from NOAA, integration of social media, recommends the WeatherWarn® Command and Control Suite

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