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GTSI competently provides radio dispatch systems and E9-1-1 solutions specializing in APCO and NENA compliant Next Generation Internet Protocol (IP) based Emergency Radio and Telephone Networks.   GTSI develops network, hardware and software solutions for governmental, utility and industrial entities charged with emergency/public safety and daily operational communications.

GTSI offers a comprehensive range of services and support, including pre and post sale consultations and maintenance of communication systems and the associated interconnecting infrastructure.  GTSI’s management  and technical team has extensive experience in Next Generation 9-1-1, as well as all phases of legacy 9-1-1 and telephony, including network configuration, trunking, call delivery and equipment interconnection.

GTSI is consistently named one of the Top 10 resellers in the United States and number one reseller again in 2018.  We are proud of our relationship with ZETRON and the resources available as a PREMIERE RESELLER.

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